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My name is Chase Jansen, and I am the Founder/ CEO of Chansen Capital; where we deliver luxury living within reach. My passion for real estate began during my undergraduate education at TCU. Throughout college, I was president of the TCU Real Estate Club and held multiple internships within the real estate industry. Currently, I am working at Stillwater Capital - Robert Elliott Custom Homes as a Development Associate, while simultaneously growing Chansen Capital. 


At Chansen Capital, we are transforming the narrative of rental properties. We want our clients to never settle for a place to live, but rather, foster environments they are proud to call home. Here at Chansen Capital, we continue to think outside the box with new, innovative designs that are changing the negative connotation behind the term “rental property” . Our goal is to consistently acquire real estate and expand our luxury living experience. To us, the term “rental properties” emulates luxury living within reach, and it is our promise to bring the same to the residents of Chansen Capital. 


The future is of student living is here! We are excited and eager to contribute to a change in today’s rental market. This is Chansen Capital, where we provide luxury homes within our clients reach.


Over the years, I feel that the term “rental property” has developed a negative connotation. When you think “rental property” what do you think? A place for you to live temporarily and dump your belongings? Or a rundown apartment you’re constantly submitting maintenance requests for? To me the term “rental properties,” is: Luxury Living within Reach, and I hope after you explore Chansen Capital properties, you feel the same. 


My name is Chase Jansen, and I am the Founder/ CEO of Chansen Capital, where we provide Luxury Living within Reach. I want to preface the origin of Chansen Capital with a story of my passion from childhood. 


Since a very young age, I have been driven to accomplish tasks that to some, might seem out of reach. In high school, I remember asking my father for a sports car when I got my driver’s license. He laughed and retorted “that might be a little unattainable at your age”. While only 14, I was determined to change his perspective on the matter. Together, we crafted a plan to rebuild a car that was once deemed totaled. After years of grueling work, self-taught mechanics, and a multitude of questions to mechanics and the internet, we produced a fully functioning sports car.


Similar to my car, my passions drive my aspirations. During my college years at TCU, my friends and I moved off campus into a rental property. While nice, it showed its age and definitely lacked the ability to sustain a quality living environment. After discussing housing dilemmas with friends who experienced similar issues, my assumption was that this was just a part of my college experience. But then I thought, why not try to reshape this negative living experience that so many other college students endure? So, I set out with a goal of changing the narrative.


Without any prior knowledge, I knew I needed to learn everything about rental properties to succeed. I started by enrolling in multiple real estate classes at TCU, absorbing as much information as possible. Next, I joined the TCU real estate club, where I progressed into multiple leadership roles, including President my senior year. This allowed me to work with high level individuals in the industry on and off campus, while setting meetings with multiple CEO’s to learn how they built their companies. Next I worked to attain real world experience by accepting an internship with a small single-family home development company, Inline Investments. I was lucky enough to work directly under the owner of the company and learned first-hand what it would take to run a successful rental property company.


After absorbing this knowledge, I decided it was time to venture out on my own. June 2019, I founded Chansen Capital and acquired my first rental property; three houses down from the house I was still renting in college! This house was an old three bed/one bath property that needed to be gutted and rebuilt with an addition of a bedroom and bathroom. While the house needed these renovations, I had never managed a project myself and only had the knowledge learned from class, my internship, and the club. I continued to read, consult with landlords, and talk with some of my mentors to further prepare for the tasks at hand. I worked with an architect to design the remodel, pitched my idea to a hard money lender to fund the project, and then hired/ mobilized a general contractor to complete the remodel. One year later, my first luxury rental property was complete, and my tenants moved in  June 1st, 2020. 


Just one month later, I purchased an empty lot near TCU’s campus, worked with my architect to design a 2,800 SF home, and broke ground in August of 2020 for my first ever new construction build.


As I’ve been charging down this road in the rental property community, I’ve been asked numerous times where my drive came from, in addition to why I decided to get into an industry that I did not have any prior knowledge in. My response: I am accustomed to building something out of nothing. Even being a full-time student at TCU, I could not get enough of real estate development. Every day after class, I found myself out on site talking with the general contractor and his subcontractors in an attempt to learn the detailed work behind each of their trades. I knew from the beginning of Chansen Capital that I had the ability to provide higher quality service with superior value to clients at the same cost with lower overhead, all while transforming a property into what it was truly intended to be, however, all I was missing was the knowledge. Whether cars from a junkyard or houses from the ground up, I love to conceptualize a project, overload myself with information, and then build my vision. 


I look forward to the future of Chansen Capital and am excited to grow the company in a direction that you do not see in today’s current rental property market. This is Chansen Capital, where we provide luxury homes within reach.

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